Welcome To ETB Metal and Coating Engineering

We would like to inform you that, ETB Metal & Coating Engineering one of the largest Metallic Product Processing Company.

Mission & Vision

The aim of the ETB Metal & Coating Engineering to apply its vast experience and intelligence to keep pace with advancing technologies to provide these new levels of support. Some of good Mechanical engineer maintains this sector nicely.


Below are some of the operational features for your kind information which ETB Metal & Coating Engineering does.

• Experienced and responsive dispatching communication center and in-house or Factory customer service department.
• Comprehensive employee technical training and support programs which address
• Both old and new Mechanical engineer technologies.
• Computerized, advanced, and effective business administrative, accounting, and bookkeeping capabilities.
• Extensive customer base, excellent customer satisfaction and impressive references.

Our Object

1. High Quality Product
2. Reasonable Price.
3. Timely Delivery.
4. Excellent after Sales Se