Product & Service
Our Products are manufactured and designed based on the latest power supply situation of Bangladesh so that those are appreciated from many corners of our valued customers.

Below is the list of Our Products:

1. Distribution & Power Transformer. (1-phase 5KVA to 150KVA & 3-phase 25KVA up to 10,000KVA)
2. HT Switch Gear.
3. LT Switch Gear.
4. Power factor Improvement plant.
5. HT Automatic Voltage Regulator.
6. LT Automatic Voltage Regulator.
7. Instant Power Supply (IPS).
8. Isolation Transformer.
9. Solar System
10. Generator.
11. CFL Light
12. Lift

Product Warranty
We guarantee of our supplied equipments for a period of 12 (Twelve) years from the date of delivery. We provide two years service free of cost for any manufacturing fault & last ten years service at nominal cost. The warranty does not cover any natural calamities.

Testing Facility in Factory
1. No Load Loss Test
2. No Load Current Measurement Test.
3. Full Load loss test
4. Impedance Voltage Test
5. Ratio Test
6. Vector group Test / Polarity Test.
7. Winding Resistance Measurement test
8. Power Frequency withstand test (Both High & Low Voltage Side)
9. Insulation Test (Megar Test )
10. Temperature Rise Test.
11. Dielectric Strength Test of insulating Oil.

Testing instrument:
1. 250/100,000V Potential Transformer [01 No]
2. High Voltage (0-100KV) Test set to apply 28KV on HT side [01No]
3. 0-415V/200V-2000V(25taps) 60AVariac for loss measurement up to 24kw [01No]
4. Digital micro Ohm Meter [02No]
5. Digital Clamp On Meter [02No]
6. Digital Multi Meter [04No]
7. Digital Watt Meter [02No]
8. High Voltage (0-5KV) Test set to apply 2.5KV on LT side [01No]

Logistic services Support:
• Electrical Licensing Board (ELB) Permission from authority.
• Load Sanctioning from authority.
• Meter Sanctioning from authority.
• Road Cutting Permission from authority.
• Environment Certification from authority.
• Fire service Certification from authority.